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With its large engineering staff and experience on its field,  Imortas is able to provide its customers technical assistance and advice in every step of the product realization ; from material selection to chosing appropriate production processes, from selection of production equipment to designing and building necessary production and control fixtures.


Understanding customer expectations and examining the product’s function is extremely important in selecting the correct production process and execute serial production in a cost effective manner. Product approval process is professionaly managed according to customer specific requirements, in constant and uninterrupted communication with the customer.


Design Capabilities


Tooling&Fixture - Process - Special Machinery


Our internal engineering team designs, develops and builds the tools in order to  meet the customer’s product requirements with globally competitive manufacturing costs.




We pursue the latest technologies and manufacturing concepts to focus on providing our customers with quality stampings and fine blanked components.


It all begins with our in-house tool /mould making department and wire EDM produced tooling providing the required dimensional tolerances . Our in-house tooling, mould making and repairing workshop accompanied by our heat treatment workshop allows us to find the best and fastest responses to our customers' requests by easy access to process parameters. We are able to design and produce ourselves most shearing, blanking,fine blanking,lancing, punching, forming, bending and deep drawing tools and dies (basic,compound or progressive moulds).


Equipment : Eccentric Presses

from 12 to 400 tons Hydraulic Presses up to 280 tons


High Speed Stamping :

(150 to 1.500 strokes / min)


Fine Blanking Presses :

from 160 to 400 tons


Used Materials : Spring steel , case hardening steel, stainless steel , bronze ,copper,brass, aluminium alloys


Range :

Thicknesses from 0,05 to 12 mm


Dimensions :

From 3 to 400 mm diameter


As a company found by metallurgical engineers, Imortas A.S. performs most of its heat treatment processes in-house. Our know-how and technical expertise on this field allows us a competitive edge on the market, especially in such a critical process that directly effects the part characterisitcs.


Quench & Temper in oil


Annealing / Normalising

Austempering ( Continuous Salt Bath Furnaces )

Liquid Nitriding, Gas Nitriding

Induction Hardening


Our machining workshop, with its skilled workforce, pursues to meet the customers' demands on high precision machined parts from vistually any type of material; sheet metal, rods, tubes, castings and forgings. Along the years, we have worked on a high variety of materials which enables us to cope with special needs of customers and to work on parts with high degree of difficulty in machining.


Equipped with most advanced serial production machinery, as well as many other conventional machinery, our machining department is able to cope with the latest technological developments in the industry. We are large enough to fulfill an impressively wide range of your needs, yet small enough to serve each clients’ individual needs.


Imortas A.S. is a well known specialist in grinding services since its foundation back in 1981. As a manufacturer of precision meachanical components, majority of our products require very tight tolerances on thickness, parallelism, flatness, diameter and roundness. In our extensive machinery park, double disc surface grinding, fine grinding, centerless grinding processes are performed on millions of parts yearly.



Our products that are installed in critical assemblies such as gearboxes, engines and pumps are increasingly subject to stricter cleanliness requirements.


Deburring (Vibratory, Brush)


Ultrasonic Cleaning

Shot Peening

ZnPh–MnPh Coating

Zinc, Zinc Flake Coatings (sub-supplier)

Painting ( sub-supplier )





Long term material planning is performed by entering customer schedules and forecasts to ERP system.


Raw material needed for production is acquired from approved raw material suppliers and undergo structral, metallurgical and physical tests in our in house metallography laboratory.


Production is planned according to daily, weekly and monthly delivery requirements of customers, material flow between departments and sub-contractors is directed by barcode aided work orders through the system. ,


Packaging and dispatch operations are performed according to customer specific requirements. ( EDI, ASN, bulk packaging, returnable packaging, specially designed part specific containers, VCI, cleanliness requirements )