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Imortas A.S. has been founded in 1981 to produce adjustment washers and spacers mainly used in gearboxes, differentials and transmissions. Imortas has developed into an all - in - one company with high variety of production capabilities in order to meet the ever increasing demands of its European automotive OEM customers and their suppliers. Nowadays, with its workforce of 350 employees 25 of which are engineers,the company continues to serve its customers on its Bursa plant covering an area of 12.000 m².


IMORTAS A.S has an integrated structure consisting of :


Stamping - Fine Blanking Department

Machining Department

Heat Treatment Department

Grinding Department

Surface Finishing Department

Tooling Department

Welding and Assembly Department

R & D Department

Chemical ,Physical and Metallurgical Testing Laboratory


Imortas, with its high variety of production possibilities, produces all kinds of high precision parts for engines, gear boxes and driving systems for the vehicle industry.





We are a company that thrives to be perfect with its manufacturing abilities, values and added value to its stakeholders.




To become a preferred business partner by innovation based continuous improvement on road to excellence.


Our Values


Customer orientation,

Operational excellence,

Change and continuous development,

Effective communication,

To be responsible,

To be respectful to its employees, environment and society.



To achieve quality, cost and process goals based on customer orientation and meeting the expectations of stakeholders.


Sustainable Balanced Growth

Working with different sectors.

Expanding the product range

Increasing the current customer turnover.

Expanding the customer portfolio


Improving Our Quality

Costs and Processes

To expand the application area of lean manufacturing.

Apply the EFQM excellence model.

Development of proposal activities.

Improving quality costs.


Meet Stakeholders' Expectations

To increase the turnover and quality for our shareholders.

Increasing customer satisfaction.

To increase employee satisfaction.

Increasing supplier satisfaction.

Improving community perception.


Protect the Environment

Newly launched products do not harm the environment.

Not to harm the environment in newly created processes.

Reducing the use of natural resources.


İmortaş A.Ş.

We believe that energy and natural resources are exhausted, and that the environment must be protected and passed on to future generations. Therefore, we aim to realize our policy in accordance with the environmental management system at every stage of production.


Meet relevant environmental legislation and customer requirements. To improve the environmental management system continuously. To minimize wastes, to prevent pollution at source and to reduce the negative effects on environment. Protecting the environment and spreading this principle to all our environment, country and suppliers. Identify and reduce risks for environmental emergencies. To prevent adverse effects that may affect the environment by fulfilling the rules of Occupational Health and Safety. To provide employees, suppliers and contractors with environmental awareness training.


Our main objectives and objectives related to environmental factors:

Reducing and preventing air and water pollution, leaks and spills and noise as much as possible Reduce packaging use and waste, ensure their recyclability and reuse. To improve the methods of conservation of natural resources such as energy and water. To control the environmental factors related to new products, processes and activities and to minimize their effects, İmortas A.Ş. We are committed to fulfilling all kinds of duties and sacrifices that are under our responsibility, and it is our duty to share with the public.




In the process of recruitment and working within the framework of equality principle; language, race, color, gender, philosophical belief, religion, denomination, regardless of the rights of employees to provide equal rights. Employees are not tolerated by their behavior and actions violating this principle, and those who harass another employee or third party are punished.


In Imortaş, the declared human rights are supported and these rights are respected.


In İmortaş, employees are employed in appropriate jobs according to their physical abilities and in conditions prescribed by law.


Persons who are not over 18 years old are not allowed to work in İmortaş as stated in the recruitment and hiring instructions.


Employees of İmortaş shall not keep any illegal goods or articles in the workplace that are dangerous for the workplace and / or workers.


Employees of İmortaş cannot offer bribes, any benefits or facilitators, or offer or make any offer to any person or organization directly or indirectly or through any third party.


Employees of İmortaş cannot accept or receive bribes, benefits or facilitators from any person or organization, either directly or indirectly or through third parties.

No gifts or promotions other than the gifts are unacceptable.


No reductions in any goods or services are generally not provided, nor can any benefits be accepted or applied.


Cash, gift certificates or precious metals cannot be given or accepted as gifts.


No debts can be taken from banks and financial institutions, except for the conditions applicable to everyone.




Employees, in fulfilling their duties; they are based on continuous development, participation, transparency, impartiality, honesty, imperfect benefit, accountability, predictability and confidence in the declaration.


Employees, in fulfilling their duties; They aim to improve the service quality, increase internal and external customer satisfaction and to be result oriented.


Employees behave in a way that is worthy of the trust required by their duties.


Employees approach self-esteem for personal and institutional development, act open to support and advice and constructive criticism to increase personal activities.


Employees shall avoid wasting and extravagance in the use of any material belonging to İmortaş; They are efficient, efficient and time-consuming while they use the work time, Imortas goods, resources, labor and opportunities.


Employees shall not use and use Imortaş goods and resources other than Imortaş purposes and service requirements and shall take the necessary measures to keep them ready for service at any time.


Employees shall not engage in arbitrary conduct or practices in the performance of their duties, in a manner that constitutes pressure, insults or threats. They comply with laws and internal committees and act in accordance with basic moral and human values.


Imortas employees do not give any information or information to the press and broadcasting companies in relation to the company unless they obtain written permission; they do not engage in ownership and interest relations with themselves or their close family members, company competing organizations, suppliers or customers.


Imortaş managers use their management competencies in professional standards and corporate discipline, informing employees about the work processes by giving them the necessary explanatory information about business and operations.


Imortaş managers take the necessary measures to prevent any misconduct within their area of responsibility and to ensure compliance with these working principles. These measures include; to implement legal and administrative regulations, to carry out necessary audits and controls, to conduct appropriate studies on education and information, and to be a role model for their personnel with their personal behaviors.


Imortas employees can apply to the General Manager and the Board of Directors when necessary, by following the management levels in the organization in their complaints and requests that are not in compliance with laws and in-house rules, or when they face an unethical situation or for any reason.






In order to create a safer, healthier and more efficient working environment in İmortaş;


Identify and minimize occupational health and safety risks in our company with new technologies and efficient resource utilization,


To establish an Occupational Health and Safety system in order to continuously improve our Occupational Health and Safety performance and to ensure compliance with all legal and other requirements,


To take measures to minimize Occupational Health and Safety risks, to secure working environments and to protect the health of our employees, to develop systems that will minimize our losses in case of an accident or emergency during our activities,


To evaluate the effects of new investments and processes in terms of Occupational Health and Safety at the projecting stage,


To make necessary training organizations in order to ensure the establishment, development and continuity of our Occupational Health and Safety management system and its consciousness in all our employees and activity areas,


To increase our OHS performance by cooperating with our customers, suppliers, government agencies and other stakeholders,


Employees and new employees are provided with periodic trainings every year to ensure that quality, environment, occupational health and safety management systems are recognized and adopted within the factory.